One of our core values at TTC is building genuine connections.

We love having deep discussions with colleagues from across Australia and the globe. These conversations often lead to growth, changes in perceptions or healthy debate. One thing is for certain, they are never dull!

So, in the spirit of growing and learning together, we'd like to extend a warm invitation to you to join our monthly "Good Conversation" gatherings.

We've created our Good Conversations as an opportunity for destination peers from local/regional/state tourism organisations or local government to learn from one another, exchange ideas, brainstorm solutions to common challenges, and be inspired by each other to continue making a positive impact for our communities.


How will the Good Conversations work?

Each month we will choose a topic that relates to a current industry challenge or new opportunity, and facilitate the conversation to unpack the topic and also to collectively share ideas and solutions.

Our Good Conversations are held via Zoom, on the 2nd Wednesday of every Month, from 11-12noon (ACST). If you'd like the opportunity to join our conversations, simply complete the form below, and we will send through the invitation each month to join!


We look forward to having you join us in our next GC!

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