TIL Program

Revolutionise the way you see, think and feel about tourism to deliver positive impact outcomes for people and place.

Working in tourism has never been more complex.

The pandemic magnified the interconnectedness and interdependence of our sector, and highlighted the impact of visitors on our local communities, economies and environments.

This, coupled with a strong urgency for action around climate and biodiversity, is challenging our leaders to think and act more creatively than ever before.

We are living in an era of continued change, with many tough challenges still to come. But the question is, how can the sector we all know and love be a force for good?

This innovative new Program (for people working in Regional, Local or State Tourism Organisations) has been designed to explore your role in this, and what you can influence and support to ensure tourism has a positive impact on your people and places.


> Concerned about the impacts of climate change and tourism on the environment and local communities,
and want to know how their work can be part of the solution

> Know that they need to do something differently in their work to make a positive change, but dont know where to start

> Overwhelmed, overworked and stressed, and not really sure how to change what their doing to make things easier in their day to day

> To be a part of something bigger and more meaningful, and connect with likeminded people on their journey

Tourism Impact Leaders will challenge you to think differently about tourism.

Tourism Impact Leaders is an immersive, participatory, peer-to-peer driven leadership program, designed to bring together leaders in tourism to grow perspectives, explore solutions to common challenges, and build capability to provide leadership in the industry in a time of constant flux and uncertainty.

Throughout our time together, we'll dive deep into the mindset required to ensure you and your organisation are equipped and confident to lead and steward a resilient destination for the future.

We'll also explore concepts and strategies to help you navigate the change we're experiencing, connect the dots to work collaboratively to achieve positive outcomes in your destination and create impact at scale through the work you can control and influence.

At the end of the Program, we guarantee you'll see tourism and your role in the ecosystem with a fresh perspective, feeling energised and empowered to leverage tourism as a force for good.

Tourism Impact Leaders

It’s a rare and wonderful thing when the opportunity arises to work with a strategic partner who so emphatically embodies their stated values. The Tourism Collective's approach to destination planning is premised on three pillars of deep listening, evidence based planning and a positive impact mindset and the high quality of the work they produce is testament to the success of this approach.

Yorke Peninsula Tourism engaged The Tourism Collective to research and deliver a Strategic Tourism Action Plan in 2022 and a substantial aspect of this work was the research and development of a region-wide Situational Analysis. The thought, care and comprehensiveness of this analysis underpins the value of the whole Plan and sets our region up for long term success. By taking the time to genuinely listen and engage with a very broad range of stakeholders, the team were able to distil complex issues into clear, outcome-oriented action points. Further, their commitment to helping destinations evolve from a mindset of destination management to one of destination custodianship and stewardship is both strategically astute and environmentally and economically essential.
Jess Greatwich, Regional Tourism Manager, Yorke Peninsula Tourism

How the Program works...

Tourism Impact Leaders has been purposefully designed to nurture self-reflection, and strategic thinking to guide practical implementation.

A series of learning modules and concurrent group conversations will explore relevant, industry-specific insights, issues, and opportunities to help build an awareness of the current state and potential desired future state.

Participants will be given time between modules to consider what they have learned in context to their situation, ready to explore their challenges and co-create solutions with their peers.

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Pre-Program BRiefing

Before we begin, we will schedule a meet and greet with you and your team, review your current priorities, and understand your place-based challenges so we can align your situation throughout the program content.

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Four Learning Modules

The Program is underpinned by four learning modules delivered as live online webinars.  Details of each of the learning module topics are outlined below.


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Four Thriving Conversations

Each learning module live online webinar will be complemented with a thriving conversation to unpack the learnings from the live webinar in further detail.


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Once we've completed the four learning modules and facilitated conversations, we will sit down together again to review your learnings, and discuss next steps for you to implement your learnings.


Learning Module Topics

Through this Program, we'll explore the following content.

Key Dates & Times

Below are the dates and times for the Learning Module Webinars & Online Group Discussions.

Module One

Tuesday 6th August
Facilitated Learning
(10:30am-12noon ACST)

Tuesday 20th August
Group Discussion/Learning
(10:30am-11am ACST)

Module Two

Tuesday 3rd September
Facilitated Learning
(10:30am-12noon ACST)

Tuesday 17th September
Group Discussion/Learning
(10:30am-11am ACST)

Module Three

Tuesday 15th October
Facilitated Learning
(10:30am-12noon ACST)

Tuesday 29th October
Group Discussion/Learning
(10:30am-11am ACST)

Module Four

Tuesday 12th November
Facilitated Learning
(10:30am-12noon ACST)

Tuesday 26th November
Group Discussion/Learning
(10:30am-11am ACST)

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Hi, we're Jaclyn, Paige and Rebecca, the managing directors of The Tourism Collective,
and we look forward to guiding your learning experience.

As a team, we began this very journey of discovery and sense-making when we could see the vulnerability of our tourism sector through the pandemic, and started question what we could change in how we approach our work that would make a difference in the future.

In that time, we have prioritised our own learning by reading widely across academia and case studies, listening to many different perspectives from our consulting peers and those working within the tourism ecosystem at all different levels, to build our awareness of the challenges, and also to uncover solutions for consideration.

We've made it our mission to deeply understand the challenge ahead and the considerations in context for the tourism sector, and we've determined 'how' this looks for our peers who are managing the supply and demand priorities for destinations.

We're created this Program to build a group of likeminded individuals and organisations who are curious, like we continue to be, about how tourism can add to the vitality and resilience of our local places and people.

Why join the Program?

With all well-considered commitments, it's important to be sure the outcomes align with your needs, and so below outlines the key benefits you can expect if you decide to participate in the Tourism Impact Leaders Program.

The Tourism Collective is a safe pair of hands, because of their professionalism and experience across a range of visitor destinations.

Paige, Rebecca and Jaclyn were integral to the development of T2030, the ACT Tourism Strategy, entrusted with managing consultations with the tourism industry and critical stakeholders, including Ministers. They also facilitated a successful visioning workshop with 60+ industry representatives. Aside from the consultations and workshop, we engaged in very productive and thought-provoking discussions with the team, which helped clarify our thinking and shaped the direction of our strategy.
Teresa Commachio, Senior Director, VisitCanberra

Will you be joining us this round?

Regional/Local/State Tourism Organisations - $4,800+GST per organisation*

BCorp / Social Enterprise / NFP - $4,320 + GST per organisation*

*Up to 3 participants from each organisation under 1 registration. Additional participants will incur an additional $500+GST per person or by negotiation if more than 3 additional team members.


Registrations close - Friday 12th July 2024

Places are limited to 10 organisations to ensure we can offer a meaningful experience.

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