Resilient, Sustainable
& Regenerative Tourism
Capability programs


At the Tourism Collective, our mission is to enable tourism for a better future. Good for business, good for community, and good for the environment.

We understand that delivering meaningful experiences for visitors has never been more challenging for our industry; especially considering the challenging operating environment.

Supporting tourism businesses through delivering insights and training opportunities has been an integral part of what we do since 2012, and we are focused on offering industry-leading education that inspires and empowers operators to become more resilient through activating sustainable and regenerative practices in their business.

Sustainable And Regenerative Training

How our

Our engaged group of operators came away feeling inspired to take positive action and were more confident in setting both short and long-term sustainability goals.

As part of our industry training activity to build business capabilities, it was fantastic to have The Tourism Collective team deliver our Sustainable Tourism Program – which aligns with and supports our vision to be recognised as one of the world’s great sustainable nature-based tourism destinations. From the workshop collaboration and engagement with Bec and Nic to the individual mentoring sessions, all components of the program were well delivered providing our operators with invaluable insights, knowledge and resources. Our participants rated the program and online platform highly and felt the content was extremely relevant. We thank the team for sharing all of their expertise in this space and helping to facilitate more meaningful and regenerative visitor experiences and partnerships
Marc Sleeman, CEO, Grampians Tourism Board Incorporated

Our Current

We currently work with our clients to deliver tailored programs based on the two below master programs outlined below.

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A holistic, 3-month tourism mentoring program delivered through live workshops, webinars, and group and individual mentoring designed for a group of tourism businesses in a specific destination.

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An industry-leading program, inclusive of a workshop, learning tour and individual mentoring sessions for a group of tourism businesses in a specific destination.

The enthusiasm and energy that the team bought to the sessions was powerful, and their own lived experience and compassion allowed their key messages to be conveyed in a way that was both relatable and aspirational.

The Tourism Collective team were able to craft a program that helped small and medium businesses really get to the crux of their values, understanding their audience and how to align both of these to achieve a more sustainable and resilient business.
Madeleine Sawyer, Sustainable Destination Development Coordinator, Tourism Mid West Victoria