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Tourism Midwest Victoria - LevelUP Program

In mid-2023, we worked in partnership with Tourism Midwest Victoria, the Regional Tourism Organisation for the Ballarat and Surrounds region west of Melbourne, to deliver capability-building training for their tourism industry.

The Tourism Mentoring Program, titled LevelUP: Resilient, Sustainable, Unforgettable was structured around 3 core learning modules, and group mentoring sessions, with the aim of building business resilience through the development of values-aligned visitor experiences, support the transition to sustainable and regenerative practices, and better communicate with their values-aligned guests.


The enthusiasm and energy that the team bought to the sessions was powerful, and their own lived experience and compassion allowed their key messages to be conveyed in a way that was both relatable and aspirational.

The Tourism Collective team were able to craft a program that helped small and medium businesses really get to the crux of their values, understanding their audience and how to align both of these to achieve a more sustainable and resilient business.
Madeleine Sawyer, Sustainable Destination Development Coordinator, Tourism Mid West Victoria

Workshop Topics

We crafted tailored learning topics for this group that supported businesses to see their business with a fresh perspective; one that responds to the future market potential, and one that is socially, and environmentally conscious.

Workshop One - Values-Based Brand Storytelling - support participants to implement values-driven storytelling strategy and tactical support to attract their values-aligned guests.

Workshop Two - Developing Values-Aligned Experiences - those which connect visitors with the local community, culture and environment, also working in partnership to deliver meaningful experiences.

Workshop Three - The Why, What and How of Sustainable & Regenerative Tourism - We introduce the concept of sustainable and regenerative tourism, and we provide the inspiration and tools to implement a regenerative mindset that underpins all facets of running a tourism business - from operational management to visitor experiences and communications.

Learning Materials

  • Bespoke learning materials (worksheets) were created and supplied to support the key learnings.
  • Each topic consisted of a set of Activities, which were practical actions that each business could implement straight away.
  • All learning materials were made available to participants in the Workshops
  • Australian tourism business case studies (and local case studies) were used throughout the webinars, making the learning materials as relevant as possible for the participants.
Tourism Midwest Victoria Tourism Workshops 2023

The Tourism Collective team were fantastic, fresh, direct, engaging... highly recommend!

As a new start up tourism attraction in Western Victoria, the opportunity to access such fresh, current tourism information and easy to implement strategies was a GREAT opportunity. We are small and limited in time and resources so this was invaluable. Thank you!
Liza Robinson, Director of Business Development, Cyril Callister Foundation Inc (Home of Vegemite)