The Tourism Collective Canberra Arts Workshops

Canberra Region Arts Sector Workshops

The Canberra Region has a strong, unique and condensed Arts scene, from national capital attractions, and world-class theatres, through to small galleries and individual artists in residence.

Together in partnership with VisitCanberra and ArtsACT, we designed and delivered three capability workshops to support the development of visitor experiences in the Arts sector.

The aim was to strengthen the appeal and visibility of the Arts and Culture experiences across the region, which will support an enhanced visitor experience for travellers seeking Art and Cultural immersion in the ACT.

Having worked with the Tourism Collective across a number of important and strategic projects, we know the information provided will be top-notch and the delivery will be professional.

Paige, Rebecca and Jaclyn all bring a genuine perspective to understanding the tourism sector and the issues faced by operators and STOs, and always provide real world case studies and experiences that bring the workshops and findings to life.
Garrett Tyler-Parker, Director of Research & Industry Development, VisitCanberra

Workshop Topics

We crafted tailored learning topics for the Arts sector, with a strong focus on working collaboratively, across all levels of the community and industry to deliver meaningful experiences with values-aligned guests.

Workshop One - Values-Based Brand Storytelling - from strategy through to tactical implementation

Workshop Two - Customer Experience Mapping - Optimising each touchpoint with customers before, during and after their experience

Workshop Three - Developing Values-Aligned Experiences - those which connect visitors with the local community, culture and environment, also working in partnership to deliver meaningful experiences.

Learning Materials

  • Bespoke learning materials (worksheets) were created and supplied to support the key learnings.
  • Each topic consisted of a set of Activities, which were practical actions that each business could implement straight away.
  • All learning materials were made available to participants in the Workshops
  • Australian tourism business case studies (and local case studies) were used throughout the webinars, making the learning materials as relevant as possible for the participants

The workshops were engaging and thought-provoking, with practical exercises to encourage action by the participants.

The Tourism Collective delivered a series of Canberra Art Tourism workshops to artists and arts organisations to enhance their visitor offering. The three, half-day workshops really hit their mark, containing clear advice based on industry experience, with strong and relevant case studies. The level of knowledge Paige, Rebecca and Jaclyn have shone through and supported people to participate. The workshops were engaging and thought-provoking, with practical exercises to encourage action by the participants. The conversations had other benefits too – they created connections and sparked ideas for collaboration.
Laurine Kelson, Senior Director, ArtsACT
VC Workshops

The workshops gave me invaluable insights (which I’m still working through!) and I really appreciated the rare chance to connect with others from peer arts organisations.

The Arts Sector Workshop series, developed by The Tourism Collective, gave Canberra Region arts workers an opportunity to come together, learn and share ideas about how to improve the visitor experience, not just in our own organisation, but across the sector. The concepts were supported with examples of best-practice from around Australia, and the ideas were broken down so we could develop real understanding of why values-driven experiences are the way forward, and how to best go about including them in our business offerings.
Jenni Curry, Arts Capital, Partnerships and Communications Liaison