Pildappa Rock

Eyre Peninsula

Destination Marketing Project Implementation

Project Scope

With the recent development of the Eyre Peninsula Destination Marketing Plan 2025, RDAEP were looking for mentoring and project management support to activate some of the newly identified marketing projects to

Project 1: Destination Storytelling Content Optimisation, with the aim of auditing and build up the image and video assets of the Eyre Peninsula.

Project 2: Social Media Management Optimisation, with the aim of optimising the official Eyre Peninsula social media accounts and posting, and mentoring staff to manage these accounts using best practice social media management and posting principles.

Project 3: Website Development Planning, with the aim of supporting RDAEP staff to develop a best practice destination website.

As these projects are currently in progress, we will report back on the Objectives and Results in early to mid 2023 as they are completed.

The Tourism Collective are the ultimate professionals, they produce work to an incredibly high standard. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Eyre Peninsula engaged The Tourism Collective in 2022 to develop a Destination Marketing Plan, what they produced far-surpassed expectations! The plan was extensively researched, and importantly; captured the voices of our community and stakeholders. The resulting plan provides a strategic vision that aligns with the wants and needs of the community, allows us to attract our best visitors, and outlines specific activity required to achieve our tourism objectives. As a destination, it was vital for us to work with an agency whose values around sustainability aligned with ours. The team are passionate advocates of sustainable tourism, demonstrating not only incredible depth of knowledge on the topic, but an ability to apply the principles of sustainability in practical terms.
Annabelle Hender, Regional Tourism Manager, Eyre Peninsula