Rebecca Presenting At LG AVIC Workshop

LGNSW Tourism Conference 2019

It was great to join you at the Local Government NSW Tourism Conference in Terrigal!

Following is a summary of the AVIC Summit Presentation and Keynote Presentation in the main conference program.


AVIC Summit (Sun 17th March): A Story of 4 Visitor Centres Transformation to Remain Relevant

    • Clare Valley Food Wine and Tourism Centre - They are masters of community and local industry engagement. Regular community and industry networking events helps keep Community and Industry as major word of mouth advocates for their work (and referral source of visitors).
    • Yorke Peninsula Council - They address their Visitor Centre location challenge by shifting to a Super Visitor Information Outlet Model to deliver visitor services to where visitors were more likely to be.
    • Alice Springs Visitor Centre - They are moving to make the Centre as commercially viable as possible, turning it into a business, while at the same time delivering services and visitor servicing where and where visitors expect to find them in many places outside their Centre.
    • Albany Visitor Centre - They are using a mix of distribution channels (Rezdy + Expedia for in person/online sales while Bookeasy is used for back end group bookings). This allows them to package and sell their own products both in person and online via their Centre and other OTAs. They also have had a major focus on training all staff in the importance of "catching the sale" so they can convert more visitor enquires into major bookings.
  • If you would like to talk to any of these Visitor Centre Managers, don't hesitate to Contact Us and we put you in touch with them directly to learn more about the activities covered in the Workshops.
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The Art of Changing Perceptions by Delivering Exceptional Experiences (Mon 18th March).

Why your Local Government's Visitor Experience Matters?

  • By 2020 a majority of purchase decisions will be based on customer experience.
  • Word of mouth is the most trusted and sustainable form of marketing for a destination
  • Local Government is a major experience deliverer, such as Visitor Centres, Attractions, Parks, Beaches, Trails, as well as supporting infrastructure (Toilets, Parking, Signage).
  • Local Government (LG) needs to focus on improving the Visitor Experience of these managed Experiences and supporting Infrastructure that will attract their Ideal Customers, so they can help increase positive word of mouth stories for their destination, and grow a sustainable Visitor Economy.
  • 5 Opportunities for Local Government to deliver Exceptional Experiences, change perceptions, grow positive word of mouth stories, and reduce impacts of over-tourism are below:

Place Making + Product Activation

Exceptional Visitor Centres

Via Arts Community

Peak Season Management

  • What over-tourism “hot-spots” in your LG can damage the word of mouth reputation of your destination + upset locals?
  • How might you help address those issues sooner rather than later?
  • Who do you need to get around a table?

Social Triggers + Enablers


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