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Phillip Island & San Remo

Destination Management Plan

Since June 2023, we've been working in partnership with Destination Phillip Island and the stakeholders within the region to develop a Phillip Island & San Remo Destination Management Plan (DMP).

Tourism is widely recognised as a vital lifeline for the Phillip Island and San Remo community; providing financial stability, enabling a dynamic and vibrant destination and enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.

Renowned for its pristine beaches, enriching landscapes, abundant wildlife encounters, and nostalgic summer getaways, Phillip Island and San Remo have created lasting memories for a diverse mix of visitors for over a century.

Achieving a net positive impact for the local economy, environment and communities is a consistent goal for tourism from all stakeholders, and this DMP will support their aspirations by creating a long-term roadmap that:

  • Builds upon the insights and activity the region has been working towards through the current Phillip Island and San Remo Destination Management Plan 2030 (published in 2016)
  • Supports the recently launched Experience Victoria 2033 vision set by the State, and;
  • Establishes evidence-based strategic actions for the sustainable growth and development of the destination - that looks to maximise tourism's positive impact on the local community, industry, environment, whilst at the same time minimising negative impacts.

Community Led & Place Based

The intention for the DMP is to be community-first, ground-up, and have a place-based approach.

The DMP will be underpinned by deep and wide listening, with engagement already undertaken with nearly 300 local residents who live and work in the destination. We've listened to their aspirations and also concerns with regards to tourism and how it impacts their special place.

In addition to community listening, we've also engaged with tourism businesses, community organisations, local government, regional and state tourism partners, to uncover relevant opportunities, and to uncover alignments in strategic planning.

This, combined with the community's insights, has inform a comprehensive listening report, the Phillip Island & San Remo Situation Analysis Snapshot, which identified 8 Key Strategic Themes, and potential considerations that will inform inform the new DMP.

Positive Impact Approach

We heard loud and clear from community, that whilst they appreciate and love tourism, they also want to protect, care and regenerate their special place, and want sensitive, considered management of the visitor economy.

The new DMP will have a strong positive impact focus, prioritising projects, storytelling and supply side initiatives that maximise the benefits of tourism to the local community and environment.


Place-Based Governance

Getting things done is a major focus of the new DMP, and so a collaborative and coordinated approach to governance, resourcing, responsibility, and accountability are a fundamental part of our thinking and behind the scenes work as we develop the plan.

The region already has a strong collaborative and partnership approach between key partners Destination Phillip Island, Bass Coast Shire Council, and Phillip Island Nature Parks which we intend to build upon.

We're also looking at how the DMP will enable emergent co-created community and industry-led projects, whilst at the same time leveraging and aligning with state and regional stakeholder priorities.

Ensuring the DMP remains agile and adaptable to respond and address new challenges or opportunities as they arise is also a key priority.

Destination Management Plan

Destination Phillip Island launched the DMP in March 2024 at an industry briefing. The DMP can be downloaded on their website, or by clicking the link below.